The Dramatic Escape of Fenian John Boyle O'Reilly - Liam Barry


Seven years after his escape, as promised, O'Reilly and John Devoy devised a daring scheme to rescue six Military Fenian prisoners from Fremantle Prison and in April 1876 the Catalpa rescue was carried out successfully.  O'Reilly was a political idealist exiled for his role in the Irish Fenian revolutionary struggle in early 1867.
He is revealed in history as a figure truly heroic in his strength and persistence of his convictions as a revolutionary leader with his humane ideals for justice, peace and self determination for the people of Ireland. 

He continued his determination as a soldier of freedom and in that faith he died in 1890 in Boston, America. He died as he had lived, a splendid man, a faithful lover of Ireland.  His poetry is a true reflection of his mind and heart, great, noble, all embracing in its charity and sympathy for the defenceless and the weak against tyranny and oppression.

Liam Barry (Author) has done extensive research work on the transported Fenians in Australia and has located a large number of unmarked graves.  He has previously published articles on his findings, including two books on Fenian John Boyle O'Reilly and a biographical Dictionary of the 62 Fenians transported to Western Australia.


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