The Fenian Wild Geese - Ormonde D.P. Waters


In 1867, sixty two Fenians were transported to Fremantle on board the Houghoumont, signalling the end of convict transportation to Australia.

This factual account of their voyage has been compiled from the diaries and other writings of these unfortunate passengers.

John Boyle O'Reilly was the first man to ever successfully escape from the penal colony. Some of his comrades died, others were amnestied or released.

In 1876 the remaining six Fenians were rescued in one of the most daring prison escapes ever recorded, The Catalpa Escape (or Catalpa Rescue). Linking Ireland, Australia and The United States of America their escape represents the ultimate triumph of the small and helpless over seemingly insurmountable odds.

Ormonde D.P Waters was a former editor of the Journal of the Australian Irish Heritage Association and former Fremantle Prison Officer.


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