The Mind's Own Place - Ian Reid


Two women and three men, displaced in different ways by the rapid transformation of Victorian England, travel separately to a small settlement on Australia's western rim. With them, they carry social ambitions and psychological wounds. As their lives intersect in the Swan River Colony, what they encounter is not quite what they expect. Who will struggle, who will thrive, and how will each react when secrets emerge?

Though fictional, The Mind's Own Place is partly based on the actual experiences of historical figures: a pair of convicts from respectable backgrounds, talented and enterprising, but troubled; two female immigrants, free settlers not equally fortunate or resilient; and the first detective in Western Australia who eventually uncovers more than he intends.

Like Ian Reid's previous acclaimed novels, this powerful story explores intricate relationships between the shaping of character and the pressure of adversity. It reveals damaged families, mixed motives, and the long shadows thrown by the past.


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130 x 200