The Main Cell Block at Fremantle Prison has housed inmates from its construction in 1850s until 1991 when the Prison closed. During recent conservation works, floor boards of the cells were removed and material was found from the convict era to recent times. Archaeologists have excavated several cells and the findings include convict clay pipes, handwritten letters, slate etchings, drawings, photographs, clothes, knives, smoking paraphernalia, photographs, tattoo devices and tattoo designs.

Hear why the findings are so important to archaeologists and curators. Find out what will happen next to the material that was recovered. See a sample of what was found under the floorboards of prisoner cells.


11.30am - * WAITLIST ONLY *

  • Saturday 15 May
Tour length 45 mins
Prices Gold Coin Donation
Wheelchair access  100%
Bookings Bookings essential || (08) 9336 9205 or email

This event is being held as part of the 2021 Australian Heritage Festival.