Fremantle Prison Master Plan 2019-2029

The Master Plan recognises the potential of Fremantle Prison to contribute to Western Australia’s tourism, culture, arts, heritage and education industries. It promotes sound conservation management, immersive and innovative interpretation, and opportunities for activation and partnerships.

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Fremantle Prison is a celebrated Australian heritage icon – a must-do destination that attracts visitors to Perth.  Management of the site demonstrates leadership in the innovation and activation of heritage places.


The Master Plan describes the following objectives:

  • Conserve and sustain
    Invest in the protection and conservation of the World Heritage values and sustain visitor numbers with renewed interpretation and improved amenity.
  • Activate and grow
    Position the site as a demand-driving destination with unique, world class experiences that grow revenue for the site and generate benefits for the State.

Themes and Activities

The Master Plan includes eleven priority actions grouped under three themes to achieve these objectives:

A Distinctive Destination

  • 1. Create a strong sense of arrival
    Establish a clear sense of arrival and a dynamic transition to the ‘inside’ with innovative interpretation of the perimeter walls, redesign of the Terrace arrival plaza, and restoration works along the Terrace.
  • 2. Care for visitors
    Upgrade and expand visitor services and amenities to ensure a high-quality visitor experience, enable increased access and support a wider range on activity across the site.
  • 3. Reinforce the character of the Convict Establishment
    Prepare new guidelines for urban design and development for the area of the original convict grant to retain and enhance the visual prominence of the Prison and improve the character and activation of the entire Convict Establishment.

A Premier Experience

  • 4. Conserve the heritage building fabric
    Deliver a program of essential conservation works to protect the outstanding universal values of the site and maintain safe access for staff and visitors throughout the site.
  • 5. Enthral with spectacular interpretation
    Create a world-class ‘Sound and Light’ show that brings the impressive prison buildings to life at night with spectacular interpretation of Western Australian stories.
  • 6. Deliver authentic immersive Prison experiences
    Develop authentic immersive Prison experiences that offer visitors unique and authentic perspectives on prison life and site history.
  • 7. Invite partnerships and innovation
    Encourage new proposals for activation of the site and establish a framework for evaluation and development of new initiatives and partnerships.

A Learning Place

  • 9. Grow the Prison Garden and volunteer programs
    Involve volunteers in establishing and maintaining new gardens on the site of the original prison vegetable gardens.  Leverage this initiative to develop volunteering and community engagement programs.
  • 8. Refresh and expand the education programs
    Establish Fremantle Prison as an iconic classroom using contemporary technologies to deliver memorable experiences for schools, international and special interest groups.
  • 10. Establish a Centre for Heritage Excellence
    Develop a Centre for Heritage Excellence that utilises conservation activities on site to demonstrate best practice and foster research, education, and training in conservation, curation and heritage trades.
  • 11. Connect to Aboriginal experiences and stories
    Be a place for truth-telling, reflection, healing and reconciliation. Partner with Aboriginal people, families and communities to explore new and meaningful ways for Aboriginal stories and experiences to be told and heard at the Prison.

Master Plan 2003

The Fremantle Prison Heritage Precinct Master Plan 2003 project was delivered by the State Government in recognition of the precinct’s status as a cultural heritage icon of state, national and international importance. The 2003 plan was prepared to provide an integrated framework to guide future use and the development of the precinct, including conservation, interpretation, commercial enterprise, tourism, landscape and maintenance.

Download Fremantle Prison Master Plan 2003