Photography and Filming On Tour

You are most welcome to bring your still or video camera on any Prison tour. The only place cameras are not permitted is in the underground section of the Tunnels Tour, this includes the use of GoPro cameras. Lockers are provided in the Tunnels area for safe storage.

No electronic flash photography is permitted of the Prison’s art murals on interior walls. This is consistent with the Prison’s conservation and preservation program for its interior art murals. Flash photography creates an intense burst of light that will eventually cause the paint to flake, resulting in accumulative damage to the art.  Over time the works will deteriorate and fade. Visitors are permitted to photograph art works without the electronic flash.

No flash photography is permitted in the Visitor Centre, Convict Depot or Prison Gallery.

The taking of photos or filming should not impact on the smooth running of any tour. Your Tour Guide may not wish to be filmed so please ask them at the commencement of your tour.

Wedding Photography

All requests for wedding photography must gain prior approval from Fremantle Prison.

Please ensure you have read Fremantle Prison's policy regarding wedding photography prior to submitting an application. The policy outlines the terms, conditions and fees applicable.

If the information provided in your application is inaccurate it may lead to the cancellation of an approval at any time.  Requests are not considered approved until you have received written confirmation from Fremantle Prison.

Click here to download Fremantle Prison's Wedding Photography Application form.

Return your completed form by emailing to


Fremantle Prison often receives requests for commercial and student filming projects. A comprehensive filming policy applies for all filming onsite at Fremantle Prison - excluding footage for personal use taken while on tour. Please ensure you read the filming policy prior to submitting a filming application form.

All requests to film at Fremantle Prison must gain prior approval. Completed application forms should be emailed to the Manger, Sales and Marketing on before approval can be considered.

Fremantle Prison is Western Australia’s only World Heritage listed building.  With so much on-site activity we must comply with strict site safety and conservation management plans to protect all our staff and visitors.

Fremantle Prison will work to facilitate on-site filming requests where it can, provided these requests do not interfere with day to day operations or impact on the significant heritage fabric of the site.

 This policy relates to all enquiries to film at Fremantle Prison as follows:

  1. Documentaries, or part thereof, featuring Fremantle Prison;
  2. Feature films, telemovies, mini-series, television series or music videos;
  3. Corporate videos or advertisements for products and services; and
  4. Student or amateur films for commercial and non-commercial use.

This policy does not cover news and current affairs items; or filming by visitors on tour or by guests at functions.

Filming requests are assessed on a case-by-case basis. If your filming is not relevant to Fremantle Prison and you are just seeking a backdrop your request may not be approved. No filming is permitted on weekends or during school holiday periods.


Commercial filming will require approval through the issue of appropriate authorisation, with the exception of news and current affairs items. Approval will be issued for a specific period of time and a fee will always be charged.

Filming for tourism purposes which feature areas managed by Fremantle Prison and that are likely to increase appreciation, awareness and understanding of the cultural or heritage environment and which benefit the Prison will be encouraged and charges for those may be reduced or waived.

Still photography that is associated with an agency or business; or is for advertising purposes will require approval and a fee will be charged. Non‐commercial still photography taken while on tour of the Prison is exempt from fees and charges, however restrictions may apply.

All filming will be considered on a case‐by‐case basis. Priority will be given to projects related to Fremantle Prison.

Handling of Requests

Requests for filming vary a great deal in scale, location and other requirements, and each application is assessed on an individual basis.

A Filming Application Form must be completed and submitted in writing in order for a filming request to be considered.

Requests for filming should be submitted one month in advance. However, it is acknowledged that this may not always be possible, and that some film makers may not be aware of this requirement.

Requests that are submitted with less than the required notice will still be considered if they can be dealt with in the time frame available. This is at the discretion of the Sales and Marketing Manager. 

  • Click here to download Fremantle Prison's Filming Policy.
  • Click here to download Fremantle Prison's Filming/Photography Application.