The cellar under the northern association ward was completed in 1856 and served as the steward’s main storage area as well as the morgue. This was the coolest location on the prison site and served to slow the spoiling of food and the decay of bodies.

Supplies, including food and clothing, were transported to the prison from the Commissariat stores in Fremantle (now the Shipwrecks Gallery) and stored in the cellar before being distributed by the steward and his staff to prisoners. The area remained a central store for the prison until 1906 when the northern and eastern entry ramps were filled in to allow access to the newly built New Division block.

Today, the Commissariat is a popular location for cocktail parties for up to 50 persons. 

The Commissariat can be hired on all days except Wednesday and Fridays, subject to availability, and is suitable for both day and night functions.


 Venue Area Capacity Dining
 Commissariat 1  56sqm  50 30
 Commissariat 2  48sqm  50 20
Overall capacity across both rooms is 100 persons