Fremantle Prison's vision is to preserve the heritage values of the Fremantle Prison Precinct through conservation and community engagement.

We aim to do this by:

  • Being one of Western Australia’s premier heritage precincts and heritage icon to the people of WA.
  • Providing a lasting legacy for the people of Australia by conserving and interpreting the most intact convict era site in Australia that will greatly enrich the cultural life of the state and nation.
  • Being one of Western Australia’s premier destinations for tourism, cultural and educational activities.
  • Becoming a highly sought after location for a variety of uses enhancing the vitality of the metropolitan and local area.
  • Being a model for the care and management of exceptionally significant heritage properties in Australia.


Fremantle Prison’s objectives are to:

  • Provide an integrated development framework that will enable a sustainable future for the precinct.
  • Protect and interpret the cultural heritage significance of the precinct.
  • Continue to be an outstanding example of best practice heritage conservation.
  • Encourage a range of compatible uses that maximise the use of existing buildings and facilities and add to the unique qualities of the precinct.
  • Create a precinct that encourages repeat visitation and provides unique and enjoyable experiences for visitors.
  • Integrate with the surrounding local communities through cultural, physical, social and economic interaction.
  • Encourage opportunities to reinforce the precinct’s tourism, cultural and educational focus through creative partnerships with both public and private sectors.

Master Plan

The Fremantle Prison Heritage Precinct Master Plan project was initiated by the State Government in recognition of the precinct’s status as a cultural heritage icon of state, national and international importance and to guide its future use.

The Master Plan was prepared to provide an integrated framework that is used to guide and set realistic priorities for future use and the development of the precinct, including conservation, interpretation, commercial enterprise, tourism, landscape and maintenance.

The fundamental principle guiding the Master Plan is that Fremantle Prison Heritage Precinct must have a sustainable future, balancing a variety of compatible uses and realising its potential to generate revenue that can contribute to the conservation and development of the site into the future.

Download the Master Plan in sections below: