Fremantle Prison accepts donations of material that is relevant to its collection. All items in the collection are of specific relevance and historical significance to Fremantle Prison – please see the Prison Collection for more information.

The generous donation of items by members of the public has enormously enriched the Prison’s Collection. These donations have helped to illustrate and record relevant aspects of the Prison’s long history.

Art and craft played a distinct role in prisoner recreation and rehabilitation. The Fremantle Prison Collection includes paintings, drawings, sculptures and handicrafts. Donations of items made by inmates at Fremantle Prison form an important component of the collection.

We welcome offers of donations from the public. If you have an item that you think might be of interest, please consider the following points:

  • We collect many types of items including objects, artworks, books, documents, photographs and films
  • Only items of specific relevance and significance to Fremantle Prison are collected
  • If we accept an item from you for the Collection it will be accessible to donors & family members
  • We do not give valuations for items
  • If you would like to offer an item please write a letter or send an email to the Curator
  • Please give a brief description of the item(s) and include details about who may have used/written/worn the item. This information is of importance when determining an item’s historical significance
  • Please include your contact details and tell us whether or not you are the owner of the item(s)

 We look forward to hearing from you.