Fremantle Prison: The Screws, The Crims and The Code - Robert M Dainton


Fremantle Prison was always a place of mystery and legend. People only knew the walls unless they were unfortunate enough to do hard time. Mystery came from secrecy and once the hype of a man’s criminal misdeeds and court appearance were complete he disappeared into the void behind the walls. There was a reason for this as the community could not have comprehended or tolerated what went on and how things worked behind the limestone walls.

Cover-up, stonewall, and lies. What was seen was not the truth. A culture of secrets and a code that could not be broken as long as the Purple Circle had control. Obstruction at any cost and tension you could cut with a knife. The way things were done was the way it had always been done and should not be questioned.

A change came in 1988 with a catastrophic breakdown in the archaic and dysfunctional system that would see the prison burn and the old ways challenged. “Establishment Officers” had to find their way to the exit and Fremantle Prison was dragged into the twentieth century until it was finally closed in 1991.


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