From its beginnings in the 1850s many people have been associated with Fremantle Prison. Their stories add colour to the rich history of this fascinating site.

This page introduces some of the characters, famous and infamous, who have been associated with the place. The most substantial group is the inmates themselves, from the convicts of the 1800s sent far from their homes, to the men and women of Western Australia who were incarcerated between these walls. Some of those were interned not as punishment for a crime committed but because of their nationality when the Australian Army took over the place in both World Wars and "enemy aliens" were detained.

As well as the prisoners large numbers of people have worked at the gaol either as paid workers or in a voluntary capacity. From the Royal Engineers who supervised the convicts in construction of the place, the Salvation Army and other community groups who entertained and visited prisoners through to the prison officers many people have had a close association with the place.